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THE ARTBOX.PROJECTS was brought to life by the ARTBOX.GALLERY Switzerland

THE ARTBOX.PROJECTS pursues the goal of promoting young artists from all over the world and offering them a platform on which they can present themselves to the public.

THE ARTBOX.PROJECTS travels around the world. At every art hotspot where THE ARTBOX.PROJECTS stops, young artists from all over the world have the opportunity to participate in the art projects.

Each time, a jury selects a certain number of finalists who may exhibit their original artwork or are specially presented on the oversized screen.

The registered artworks that do not receive a place in the final will also be integrated into the art project and shown several times during the entire exhibition period.


In 2016 the first art project took place in Miami. Since then hotspots like New York/ Armory Artweeks, Basel / Art Basel week, Zurich/ Swissartexpo and repeatedly Miami/ Miami Artweeks have been carried out with great success.


ARTBOX.GROUPS GmbH is a family business, a creative think tank and idea factory in the art world. With new and innovative products it contributes to keeping the art world in motion.

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